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21:35 Lancaster ME618 lands at base after abandoning

21:35 101 Squadron Lancaster III ME618 piloted by Canadian Sgt G.J.Harnish lands safely at base. They abandoned the mission at 51:13N 03:38E with an unserviceable starboard inner engine due to an oil leak. The bomb load was jettisoned ‘safe’.

578Sqn LK-Q abandons

After crossing the Dutch coast Lancaster LK-Q of 578 Squadron abandons with the rear gun turret unserviceable, they jettisoned the bomb load on to a flak position.

20:10 ND458 abandons

At 20:10 Sergeant E.R. BELBIN pilot of 100  squadron Lancaster HW-A abandons the operation.  They record their position as 53:55N 02:50E.  They are over the North Sea 95km South West of the first turning point.   Sergeant J.R. TRUEMAN, the rear gunner, reports that his electrically heated suit has failed.

20:09 ND636 abandons

20:09 Lancaster ND636 625 sqdn abandons with port outer problems

19:52 LM361 abandons

19:52 Lancaster LM361 of 9 Squadron abandons the operation due to an unservicable rear turret.

19:52 ED317 abandons

19:52 Lancaster ED317 of 625 Sqn. abandons.
Port inner engine problems

19:51 DV240 abandons

19:51 Lancaster DV240 of 467 Squadron abandons the operation after they have technical problems with the starboard inner engine and electrical failures. About 45 miles off the English coast they jettison their bomb load and return to base.

19:38 L7527 abandons

19:38 Pilot F/S A.Jarvis flying Lancaster L7527 (LS-A) of 15 Squadron abandons after crossing Dutch coast (53.3333N,6.0833E 5km east of Dokkum).
F/S E Spriggs the navigator is too sick to continue.
Over the North Sea, on route back to Cromer, the 4000lb high explosive “cookie” is jettisoned from 15,000ft.
They land back at Mildenhall at 22:23hrs. with 84x30lb and 990x4lb incendiaries on board.