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21:27 Lancaster JB290 reports combat with Ju.88

21:27 630 squadron Lancaster LE-D JB290 reports combat with Ju.88
Heading south with 170km to the target, the Lancaster was hit by cannon shell and machine gun bullets from somewhere astern down. Sgt. Juckes, the rear gunner, stood up in his turret and on looking down sighted a Ju.88 port quarter down range 300 yards passing to starboard. Lancaster corkscrewed starboard and Juckes opened fire with a four second burst holding this as the enemy aircraft broke away to starboard quarter up range 150 yards.
The mid-upper gunner, Flight Sergeant Guy’s turret was rendered unserviceable as a result of the enemy aircraft burst but managed to get in a short burst by operating the guns and turret manually.
Both gunners observed strikes on the Ju.88 and claim to have damaged it.
They had fired 400 rounds with no stoppages.