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21:18 Nachtjagd claim their first victory of the night

21:18 Lancaster shot down

Ofw. Rudolf Frank of 3./NJG 3  shoots down a 4-motor Fluzg at GR-2 from 6.000m.

It was Lancaster ME578 VN-K of 50 Squadron.  6 were killed and 2 PoW.  It crashed near Campemoor not far from Neuenkirchen-Vörden in Lower Saxony, Germany.

ME578 was probably the first aircraft claimed by enemy action that night. Interestingly it had an 8 man crew that night 18% (6/33) of a/c lost that night had 8-man crews. Most were in the first wave, either Path Finder Force (PFF), PFF supporters or special duties e.g. reporting wind conditions. German night fighter tactics were to disrupt the front of the bomber stream as much as possible.

At the time 3/NJG3 were flying Bf 110G-4s and it was while flying the Bf110 that Rudolf Frank claimed most of the 45 night victories with which he was credited.