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22:10 Last of the main force bomb the target

22:10 101 Sqn. Lancaster SR-X2 (DV275) piloted by Flying Officer Hall bombs the target from 22,000ft on bearing 100 with an indicated air speed of 155 mph.

22:12 100 Sqn. Lancaster HW-T (JB289) piloted by Sergeant Fairbairn is the last to bomb.
He bombs the centre of a group of red target indicators and reports that the target area is well ablaze and building could be distinguished.

21:35 Lancaster ME618 lands at base after abandoning

21:35 101 Squadron Lancaster III ME618 piloted by Canadian Sgt G.J.Harnish lands safely at base. They abandoned the mission at 51:13N 03:38E with an unserviceable starboard inner engine due to an oil leak. The bomb load was jettisoned ‘safe’.

18:25 First RAF bombers take off

RAF Lancasters from 1 Group 12 and 101 squadrons are the first to take off at 18:25