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16:40 447 BG start to land back at Rattlesden

16:40 USAAF 447 Bomb Group start to land back at Rattlesden

13:01 to 13:48 USAAF 303rd BG bomb Berlin

13:01 USAAF 303rd Bombardment Group’s target was the Heinkel 177 factory, 16 miles north-east of bomb Berlin.
Poor weather meant that the target could not be identified and from 25,000 feet they aimed for Wilkelm-Strasse station instead.

Engine problems force crew 72 of USAAF 458th BG bail out over Germany

Engine problems forced the crew 72 of USAAF 458th Bombardment Group to bail out of their over Germany, 9 of the 10 crew survived to become PoWs the bombadier was killed.

As they crossed the German coastline, the propeller on number two engine suddenly began to “run away” or “windmill” and the extra drag caused the Liberator to lose speed and altitude. (MACR 3555)

13:00 384th BG “Lazy Daisy” hit by flak

Over Berlin USAAF 384th BG “Lazy Daisy”,under the command of 2nd Lt. James G. Miller II, is hit by FLAK.
The #2 engine is damaged and the propeller cannot be feathered. The vibration of the windmilling prop force the aircraft to slow down and leave the formation. For a while they joined another formation but were dropped from it too. Over the Zuider Zee they were engaged by ground defences and a FLAK shell blew the propeller off the #2 engine and the vibrating stopped. The crew are able to fly back to base and landed safely on three engines.

06:00 USAAF 447 Bomb Group briefing

06:00 Crews of the USAAF 447 Bomb Group receive their mission briefing, the target is an aircraft plant at Oranieburg, Berlin. Each plane carried 42-hundred pound incendiary bombs. The bombing altitude of 21,000 feet and the route would take them over Denmark.