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23:06 Bf109 crash lands at base

23:06 Fw. Wilhelm Stillger crash lands single engined Messerschmitt Bf 109 (aka Me109) at base. The pilot forgot to lower his undercarriage. Stillger, with a slight wound to his face, climbed out of the 109 with 40% damage.

22:42 LW580 crashes

22:42 Halifax NP-O LW580 of 158 Squadron from Lissett in Yorkshire is shot down by a night fighter and crashes 8km south west of Bielefeld. Only the Bomb Aimer R.H.SADLER (RAF 141983) crew survives.

20:38 JB731 sends SOS and crew bail out

20:38 JB731 sends SOS position given over the North Sea (53:12N,03:45E).
20:39 Crew bail out.