Soul destroying!

A German city and 1184 lives destroyed.

On the evening of 22nd March 1944 RAF Bomber Command sent 816 aircraft to bomb industrial targets in Frankfurt am Main.

620 Lancasters, 184 Halifaxes and 12 Mosquitos took off from bases along the east coast of England between 18:25 and 19:29.  They were engaged by 266 single- and twin-engined aircraft of the German night fighter force.  The allied bombers returned to their bases between 23:35 and 01:28 the next morning.  Thirty one allied bombers did not make it back to base and eight German night fighters were lost.  Including civilians over 1184 people were killed, my uncle, a 19 year old RAF flight engineer was one of them.

This Blog recreates the events of that night.

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